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Julianna Farrait

Julianna Farrait, often known as Julie Farrait, rose to prominence as the wife of a controversial drug dealer, Frank Lucas. Julianna Farrant and her criminal spouse were also involved in drug trading. She also inspired the character Eva in the Oscar-nominated film “American Gangster.”

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Julianna Farrait was born in 1941 and was raised in New Jersey. Her full name is Julie Farrait. Similarly, she is now 80 years old. She is of Puerto Rican origin. When it came to her family, her father and mother had the healthiest personalities in Puerto Rico. She apparently attended high school in Puerto Rico and was a Homecoming Queen on her high school’s prom day.

Julianna Farrait’s Height, Weight, and Body Dimensions

In terms of physical appearance, the popular personality stands at an average height of 5 feet 4 inches (1.64 m). Julianna weighs 56 kg or 120 pounds. Her physical dimensions are also 35-27-36 inches. She used to always wear and spend her money on beautiful and branded clothing, such as long fur coats and jewelry. Furthermore, she and Frank were present in front of the media for one of Muhammad Ali’s fights. Frank was dressed to the nines in a $125,000 floor-length chinchilla fur coat. Right before that moment, she gave him the coat as a gift. She completed his ensemble with a matching $40,000 hat.

Julianna Farrait
Julianna Farrait posing for a photograph(source Instagram)

Julianna Farrait’s Profession & Career

Farrait was a drug dealer, a criminal spouse, and a well-known figure. She’s been doing this job since she met her husband. She rose to prominence, though, after marrying her late husband, Frank Lucas. She also founded “Yellow Brick Road,” a website that provides resources to children of imprisoned parents. It was also a difficult life for her because she was involved in a variety of criminal and illegal activities. She spent 5 years in prison in the 1970s after being sentenced to drug-related charges for her participation in her husband’s drug company.

In 2010, several years after her husband left the drug business, she was sentenced to similar charges and served a 5-year prison term after attempting to sell two kilograms of cocaine to a government informant in Puerto Rico. The Manhattan federal court judge convicted her again in February 2012. She was 65 years old at the time of her arrest, and her husband, Lucas, was 81. She asked for mercy and sympathy from the judges during her sentencing so that she could care for her ailing husband.

“I am humiliated that I am here in front of you at my age,” she told the court. I’d like to apologize to my husband… My husband is 81 years old, and I want to spend whatever time he has left with him.” However, the judge ignored her requests for a lenient punishment so she could care for her ailing husband. He also wanted her to make the best decision she could for herself and her family. She encouraged her to consider a lawful and joyful life.


Furthermore, her and Frank Lucas’ story led Ridley Scott to make a film about them, which was released in 2007. He cast Denzel Washington as Frank Lucas, and Russell Crowe as Richie Roberts, the advocate who led the investigation and arrest of Frank. Onset, Frank was also invited to contribute particular information and to judge the plot, and he agreed that Denzel Washington’s performance was making a positive impact on him. Despite the fact that the film was titled “1% of reality, 99 per cent Hollywood,” it caused society to view Frank and her narrative in a new light.

The actress Rube Dee, who played Mahalee Lucas, Frank Lucas’ mother, received the prestigious Screen Actors Guild Award for “Best Supporting Actress.” She was also nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress, however, the award went to Tilda Swinton for her performance in “Michael Clayton.” At the 2008 Empire Awards, the film was named “Best Thriller.” Furthermore, Frank Lucas appeared in the Netflix series “Drug Lords,” in which he told his narrative in his own unique style in one of the series’ episodes.

Julianna Farrait’s Salary and Net Worth

There was once speculation that the Lucas family was worth $30 billion as of January 2023. She currently has a net worth of $1.5 million. The pair was in love with luxury clothes, cars, exchanging expensive gifts, travelling to luxurious locations, and so on. People used to notice her and her ex-husband for living a lavish lifestyle. Frank Lucas was earning around $1 million every day while he was still alive. Frank Lucas’ net worth was estimated to be around $52 million. There is no doubt that they lived a highly rich and adventurous life at the time.

Julianna Farrait’s Husband, Marriage & Relationship

Julianna Lucas was Frank Lucas’ first wife. Because of their strong relationship, the duo was dubbed “the black Bonnie and Clyde.” She met her husband while Frank was on vacation in Puerto Rico. They started dating each other after that. She fell in love with the drug traffickers because she was drawn to danger and prized material possessions and fortune above all else in life. Ray Lucas, Frank Lucas Jr., and Francie Lucas Sinclair are the couple’s three children.

Ruby, Candace, Betty, and Tony are the names of the couple’s four stepchildren. She was living apart from her late spouse when she was released from prison in 1975. A few years later, in 2006, the couple reconnected. Frank, her spouse, died in May of last year. She has been living in New Jersey with her family since then.

Julianna Farrait’s Social Media(Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)

When it comes to her social media presence, she does not appear to be active. There is no Instagram account or Twitter account for her. She has been quite busy dealing with individuals and getting in and out of jail in her own life. As a result, she lacks the time to sit and remain active on social media platforms. However, her ex-husband, Frank Lucas, was very active on several social media platforms.

Quick Facts

Full NameJulianna Farrait
Professiondrug dealer, criminal spouse
CountryNew Jersey
Height5 feet 5 inches (1.65m)
Marital Statusdivorce
DivorceFrank Lucas
Net Worth$1.5 million
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBlonde
NationalityPuerto Rican
KidsThree (Ray Lucas, Frank Lucas Jr., and Francie Lucas Sinclair)